Help us create a national jazz database

We’re collecting a database of jazz activity in Aotearoa. This means finding out who is performing and writing the music; who is presenting it; and who is teaching it. In time, we'd also like to know who the audiences are, and whom in the media are interested in jazz.

Why is this important?

Funders want to know: with the right data, funding services can make better decisions on how jazz projects are funded, how much, and whether investment matches activity.

Artists want to know: where jazz is hosted and what assistance is available to them.

Venues and festivals want to know: who the artists are and how to get in touch.

What will we do with this information?

  1. Continue gathering data - we intend for this to be a "living database" that can adapt to changes in a shifting and dynamic scene
  2. Approach funders and services with aggregate data, showing the level of jazz activity and lobbying for better representation
  3. In consultation with artists, presenters etc, develop and adopt a method by which the data can be made available to interested parties. Our aim is for the database to serve everyone who is a part of it.